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If you would like to give some feedback, make some suggestions, are interested in helping with Pilton Cinema or would like more information about the films we are planning to show, please click here and complete the form below or contact Pip Cartmell on 01271 378168 or email:

You will be very welcome.


Cinema address is Pilton Church Hall, 83 Pilton Street, Barnstaple, EX31 1PQ.


We need volunteers to sell tickets, choose films, set out seats, usher the audience, be projectionist and serve tea and coffee. Do contact us or come along on the evening to help and see what happens.


Feedback and Comment on Pilton Cinema

Help us provide the Cinema you want by listing some of the Film Titles, Genres, Stars or Directors in the form below. And help us make it a truly Community Cinema by telling us what you think about the films screened or how we could improve it.

Please give your name, email address and telephone number and use the TAB key to move between fields and then click on SUBMIT to finish. Your details and comments will, of course, be confidential.


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